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Food Delivery Brands is the world's leading multi-brand pizza delivery group. We operate the Telepizza, Pizza Hut, Jeno's Pizza and Apache Pizza brands in 7 markets.

We Deliver!

Our delivery capability is unique, always guaranteeing the best service and expertise in all the regions in which we operate, thanks to our vertically integrated business model that allows us to operate with maximum efficiency as a group. We Deliver!






Potential market




At Food Delivery Brands we have important allies that share our values and that allow us to reach more customers and improve our services: the franchisees. Thanks to this model and the Master Franchise model, we have an ambitious expansion plan, we have expanded our potential market and we are present in 7 markets.



Find out the latest news about Food Delivery Brands. If you are a journalist or need information about the company or any of the four brands, please do not hesitate to contact us at comunicacion@fooddeliverybrands.com.


Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line

In order to ensure that all the activities of the FOOD DELIVERY BRANDS GROUP (hereinafter, indistinctly the Group or Group) are in line with the principles and values contained in the Code of Ethics and the law in force, the Group has decided to adapt its current Internal Information System by adapting its current internal information channel, currently known as the Whistleblower Channel or Ethics Line, in accordance with the principles and guidelines of Law 2/23, It is now called Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line, in order to reinforce the protection of those persons who decide to communicate any information on violations of the principles and values that make up its Code of Ethics, breaches of European Union Law, as well as any other conduct that could be considered as serious or very serious criminal or administrative offenses and, in general, any violation of the legal system.

With the adaptation of the present document, the Group strengthens the information culture within the Group, promoting the use of internal communication as a mechanism to prevent and detect threats to the public interest and to the Group's own interest, and consequently implementing an Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line aligned with current legislation in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the entire information process.

By way of example, the following is a list and description of actions and behaviors that can be reported through the Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line:

1. Infringements relating to: (i) public procurement; (ii) financial services, products and markets, and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing; (iii) product safety and compliance; (iv) transportation safety; (v) environmental protection; (vi) radiation protection and nuclear safety; (vii) food and feed safety, animal health and animal welfare; (viii) public health; (ix) consumer protection; (x) protection of privacy and personal data, and the security of networks and network and information systems;

2. Infringements affecting the financial interests of the Union;

3. Infringements relating to the internal market actions or omissions that may constitute a serious or very serious criminal or administrative infringement, including, among them, all those serious or very serious criminal or administrative infringements that imply economic losses for the Public Treasury and for the Social Security;

4. Serious and very serious labor infractions contemplated in Royal Legislative Decree 5/2000, of August 4, 2000, approving the revised text of the Law on Infractions and Penalties in the Social Order;

5. Infringements in the area of occupational risk prevention;

In relation to the Code of Ethics, Group Policies, and, in general, with the legal systems of the countries where the Group operates:

6. Irregular actions or behaviors, involving malpractice or, in general, that are not aligned with our values, our Code of Ethics and with the Group's Internal Policies, as well as with any internal procedures related to these.

7. Actions or behaviors that may infringe the legislation in force in each country where the Group operates as long as there is no legal obligation to report it directly to the competent authority.

8. Actions or behaviors that may affect the image or reputation of the Group, its companies and its brands.

9. Actions or behaviors that may involve a situation of harassment, sexual or labor, against an employee or any third party within the scope of the Policy.

Excluded information.

The information described below is not subject to communication through the Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line, although in the event that the Informant decides to communicate it through the Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line, it will be rejected in accordance with the procedure established within the Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line, and will be processed, if applicable, in accordance with the internal procedure established by the Group for each one of them:

  • Information related to complaints about interpersonal conflicts or that affect only the Informant and the persons to whom the communication or disclosure refers without constituting in itself a violation or infringement of the legal system or of the Group's values and internal rules.
  • Information that is already available to the public or that constitutes mere rumors.
  • In Spain, information that refers to actions or omissions that may be inadmissible according to the provisions of article 2 of Law 2/23.

Any employee or third party who, having obtained information in a lawful manner in a work or professional context related to the Group in connection with the actions and behaviors described above, decides to communicate such information in good faith by making use of the internal reporting channel provided by the Group, may do so through the Internal Reporting Channel or Ethics Line(click here to access the link).

Any information provided through the Internal Information Channel will be treated in a diligent and strictly confidential manner by the person in charge of the Internal Information Channel or Ethics Line, except in cases where this is not possible due to legal requirements or in order to carry out a proper investigation.

Code of Ethics