Pioneer in delivery

Food Delivery Brands is the main multibrand operator around the globe, present in 36 countries. We operate with our brands: Telepizza, Pizza Hut, Jeno’s Pizza and Apache Pizza in over 2.600 stores distributed around the world, always with our distinctive delivery capacity that defines us since we started our activity in Spain, over 30 years ago. We were pioneers with this model.

We work under an integrated business model, in which our brands transform and reinvent themselves to adapt to different types of consumers, needs and countries. We always offer products with the highest level of quality, we put our client at the center of the experience, and we prioritize the responsibility that, as a big company, we have towards society.

Our history

Passion for what we do, for our products and for our consumers: a big team of professionals, delivery expertise and a strong bet for innovation. These are the elements that have turned Food Delivery brands into the main multi-brand pizza operator, worldwide.


1987 The company is founded
1988 The first pizzeria is opened in Madrid
1992 The company opens its first factory
1993 First pizzerias in Poland, Portugal and Chile
1996 Telepizza is listed on the Stock Market
1998 It acquires the Luxtor cheese factory and new shareholders are established
2000 New support structure for the franchise system
2003 Telepizza and the Pollo Campero Group join forces in Guatemala and El Salvador
2004 The online expansion of Telepizza begins throughout Spain
2005 ‘Telepizza’s Room Service’ is consolidated
2008 It re-launches to improve home delivery
2009 It opens its first pizzeria in Dubai
1092 pizzerias, of which 600 are franchises
2010 It acquires Colombia’s first pizzeria chain, Jeno’s
Creation of applications for the Smartphone
The first pizzeria is opened in towns of less than 30,000 inhabitants
2011 It is introduced in the air catering sector (Air Europa)
It is established in Peru
2012 Incorporation to Iberia and Vueling routes
It is established in Ecuador
2013 Expansion to Panama, Russia and Bolivia.
2014 Entering in Bolivia and Angola
2015 Telepizza develops “Click & Pizza”, online delivery service with just one click.  
2016 In April it becomes a listed company and it enters in new markets: Morocco and Saudi Arabia
2017 Announces the entry in new markets: UK, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Malta, Iran and Paraguay
2018 Star of Apache Pizza’s operation in Ireland.
Start of a strategic alliance with Pizza Hut.
2019 We became the worldwide leader pizza delivery operator.
We signed to United Nations’ Global Compact
2020 Food Delivery Brands: a new denomination for our group with the goal to give more personality and independence to our brands.

Our values

Our vision is to connect people, delivering moments of joy, anytime and anywhere.

  • Customer first
  • No fear
  • Resilience
  • One team
  • Dreamers