Our SDGs

At Food Delivery Brands we have a strong commitment to sustainability, both social and environmental. Internationally, we carry out various initiatives that contribute to different Sustainable Development Goals, supporting social causes, establishing strategic alliances and contributing to Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.

Our main pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility are:

Socio-occupational inclusion

We contribute to socio-occupational inclusion through different projects and programmes that seek to offer opportunities and training to groups at risk of exclusion, such as people with intellectual disabilities or transgender people.

Zero hunger

As a company in the QSR sector we continually strive to minimise food waste, as well as helping to reduce hunger, by donating our pizzas.

Environmental protection

To which we contribute by working to reduce the use of plastic and implementing measures that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Social action

We offer our channels and our activity to important social causes, giving them visibility and helping NGOs and foundations to achieve their goals.


We build bridges between academia and private enterprise, we organise an annual international project that fosters creativity and young talent.

The well-being of our people

We work to ensure a work-life balance between the professional and personal lives of the people who make up the company, as well as prioritising their well-being and safety, among other internal factors.

Healthy habits

We put the well-being of our customers first and continually innovate to deliver exceptional products that offer a place at the table for everyone.

Responsible production, conscious consumption

We produce responsibly and promote conscious consumption. We continuously work to implement new measures to ensure production that has a positive impact on the environment and is directed responsibly towards people.

Through the Telepizza brand, in Spain we are signatories of the United Nations Global Compact and we aim to bring this commitment to more countries in which we operate, to strengthen our international commitment to sustainability and responsibility, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Animal welfare

Further information

Best practice

Together we grow

Since 2017 we have been carrying out, hand in hand with DOWN Spain, a socio-occupational inclusion project for people with Down's Syndrome. This project not only allows them to learn skills, work and obtain the means to support themselves, but also gives them the opportunity to develop their sense of belonging to a group and become part of society. To date, we have more than 60 people from this group working in our shops and offices in Spain.

Alliance with FUNDACIÓN LaLiga

In 2019 we committed, together with FUNDACIÓN LaLiga, to incorporate at least one player from each of the 36 teams that make up LaLiga GENUINE Santander, a league made up of people with Intellectual Disabilities. As of today, we already have 21 players incorporated in our Telepizza and Pizza Hut shops and the number continues to grow steadily.

Woman, you are not alone' project

In 2019, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, we carried out a training project for women at risk of exclusion. Together with the Mayor of the city, Cinthya Viteri, we started a comprehensive project that aims to train more than 200 women and help them prepare for a future career.

Solidarity Boxes

Our pizza boxes have become a powerful communication channel, reaching millions of households around the world. For this reason, we decided to turn this valuable space into a loudspeaker to convey messages for important social causes, NGOs and foundations. Having launched Cajas Solidarias in Spain, Chile and Ecuador, this project has taken on a large dimension, helping thousands of people, in alliance with more than 18 entities.

Excellence Lab

Since 2017 we have been holding this annual event, which is very important for everyone at Food Delivery Brands. It is a meeting with universities in Latin America, where we challenge students from careers related to the world of communication to make a creative proposal in front of an outstanding jury. In this way, we encourage young talent and support the creative industry, and every year the brief is more challenging and the proposals more creative!

Solidarity pizzas

At Food Delivery Brands we actively fight against hunger, which is why we have our Solidarity Pizzas that we donate to different groups. In 2020, we took an active stance against the health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19, doing what we do best: delivering moments of happiness through our pizzas. We donated pizzas to health workers, supermarket teams and security forces to thank them for their hard work. On the other hand, we also contribute pizzas and ingredients to soup kitchens and shelters, as well as to foundations, social entities and public schools. In one year alone, we donated more than 60,000 pizzas.

Flexibility and work-life balance for our people

Our main priority is our people. That is why we focus on methodologies and policies that provide them with well-being and allow them to reconcile their personal and professional lives. On the other hand, we strongly believe in internal training and give our team members opportunities to grow within the company.

Carbon footprint reduction

We continuously work to improve our operations, with environmental protection in mind. To reduce our carbon footprint we have installed new generation LED lights in our factories, we promote Circular Economy initiatives and encourage recycling and reuse of materials, both internally and externally. In addition, we are currently working to gradually change our delivery fleet to an electric one.

Responsible production, conscious consumption

We produce responsibly, in order to protect the environment and the health of our customers. We comply with all Food Safety standards and provide information on ingredients, allergens and nutritional values of our products. In the same way, we continuously innovate and seek to give everyone a place at the table. Thus, in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Chile we are committed to using eggs from free-range hens, we have created gluten-free pizzas, completely suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, and we have launched vegan pizzas, made entirely from vegetable products.