Who we are

Food Delivery Brands is the world's leading multi-brand pizza delivery group, present in 7 markets.

We operate the Telepizza, Pizza Hut, Jeno's Pizza and Apache Pizza brands, with more than 1,800 establishments internationally, always with the excellent delivery capacity that has supported us since we began operating in Spain 35 years ago as pioneers with the Telepizza brand.

Our business model is integrated, we work every day to develop and optimise our delivery capabilities, leveraging a consumer-focused digital approach to promote delivery and take-away services.

  • Telepizza
  • Pizza Hut
  • Jeno's Pizza
  • Apache Pizza

Where we are

Our Mission

Guarantee the best product and service anywhere, every time.

Our vision

To be the leading multi-brand chain thanks to the quality in the elaboration of our products and the best service to our customers, both in the restaurant and in delivery, and all this guaranteeing the profitability of our franchisees and shareholders and the development of our collaborators.

Our values

Our internal culture revolves around these values that encompass and project our actions as a company.

We compose a great and diverse team of the best people.

We focus on providing quality and value to our internal and external customers.

We strive to anticipate needs and situations by being proactive.

We are courageous and dare to innovate to meet challenges.

We ensure that the business is sustainable and socially responsible.

We do everything with honesty and transparency.

Our pledge

At Food Delivery Brands we have a unique international delivery capacity, always guaranteeing the best delivery in all the regions in which we operate, as we are the leading multi-brand pizza delivery operator worldwide, we are present in 7 countries and have 1,800 stores, all within the framework of our vertically integrated business model that allows us to operate with maximum efficiency as a group.


At Food Delivery Brands, innovation is not a specific department, it extends to every action we carry out, it is something we work for every day, transmitting it to our products with new flavours and proposals, as well as in our brands and establishments creating the best experiences for our customers, all as a reflection of our way of working and communicating. But that's not all, we want to take our delivery capacity to its maximum level, for this, we continue to optimise and promote home delivery and collection services through our digital platforms and thus always guarantee the best service.